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Help on Submitting Information

What We Need to WORK FOR YOU: 

1. Some sketches (no worries, doesn't matter what they look like, the 'looks' is our job!) which will allow us knowing about:

a). Placement of doors and the way they open, radiators, built-in cupboards, bathroom and/or kitchen fixtures and fittings;

b). Placement of electrical sockets and switches, TV socketselectrical outlets, lights, and anything that remains untouched or in place.

2. Measure up the space and the all mentioned above, taking dimensions in metric (please specify whether m, cm or mm on your sketch).

3. Take dimensions in the same way as explained above to the room's height, doors' heights, windows' heights and any other relevant feature's.

4. Take the heights of the windows' parapets (the height from the finished floor to the windowsills).

5. Please specify on the plan what direction the windows overlook, as simple as using a compass and pointing out NORTH on your sketch.

6. Take photos of the space, a mobile phone these days can do the trick.

7. Take dimensions of furniture you want to keep.

Package Examples and Prices

What You Will Have for Your Money:

1. ROOM / SPACE PLANS, including Furniture Arrangement Plan



5. PERSPECTIVE DRAWINGS, as many as necessary for understanding the new space arrangement


Should You Know...

...ONDECOR INTERIOR DESIGN provides a cost-effective service for anyone who may want to create themselves a personal environment or simply to make change within surroundings without the hassle of visits or meetings, still backed up by a professional advice.

... Just in the unlikely event you may be unhappy with the result we shall work on it until you will be satisfied.

... You may do the payment either through bank transfer or cheques, and whether you are too busy and ordering items might be too time-consuming we can do this for you for a 10% of budget fee, which budget you should've communicated to us over the telephone consultation.


a). Please label every item with your name and postcode.

b). Scan and email to enquiries@ondecorinteriordesign.co.uk or ondecor@gmail.com to save money on postage.


+44 (0) 796 405 1422 


ONDECOR INTERIOR DESIGN ONLINE SERVICES charge FIXED PRICES with no additional charges regardless how many amendments you may want.

Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, Bedrooms, Hall Entrances, Home Offices / Studies = £270 per room

Bathrooms, Kitchens = £300 per room

Other premises / commercial, hospitality = £500 per room but discounts can be settled depending on the size of the space. 

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