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Comfortable carpeting underfoot in main reception rooms, patterned tiled floors in halls and kitchens.

Open fires or wood - burning stoves above a wood, limestone or marble carved mantelpiece.

Chandeliers, wall - mounted lights, floor - standing lamps, brass and crystal accessories.

Dark wood furniture with ornate legs.

Striking window treatments and added cushioned windowseats.

Richly coloured fabrics in intricate patterns and luxurious textures. 

Choose Traditional English Interior Style ONLY IF

You live in a period listed property

You like the mix of a cosy and elegant interior

You are attracted to the character and charm of the classic tradition, and want to make the most of your inherited furniture

You prefer warm, rich, dark woods


NEVER Choose Traditional English Interior Style IF

You live in modern dwelling / apartment and you like light and airy spaces

You are reluctant to deep, rich colours, and patterned fabrics

You may find dado and picture rails fussy and dated


Aged, worn out, distressed furniture in chunky designs and mid - toned woods.

Floral fabrics, simple window treatments, natural textures.

Displays of personal possessions.


Choose Country Cottage Interior Style ONLY IF

You like feeling relaxed, surrounded by informality, are attracted to history and characterful spaces

You are attracted to the contrast when mixing old and new, want an easy-to-maintain interior

You have a big family and prefer a personal rather than trendy approach to design

NEVER Choose Country Cottage Style IF

You dislike 'mix and match' and hate clutter, therefore being attracted to pared-back minimalist style

You like keeping up with the trend

You like orderly, coordinated pieces, textures, and fresh, airy spaces


Light, whitewashed timber floors.

Shutters for window treatments.

Light, bleached furniture for a sun-drenched aged feel.

Rough textiles like linen, hessian, cottons, typical accessories as pebbles, lanterns.

Primary colours mixed with white and off-whites, depending on whether creating a bolder seaside theme for a contemporary look or a more muted beach feel.

Choose Coastal Cottage Interior Style ONLY IF

You are attracted to the idea of a permanent holiday mood and to the nature itself

You live in, or have, a holiday residence by the beach, and in the same time you are a person for whom the Cottage Country interior is the most suitable

You shop very often in architectural salvage yards or junk-shops


NEVER Choose Coastal Cottage Style IF

You live in a modern city house or flat or at the mountains

The everyday family lifestyle doesn't help in keeping white textiles in perfect condition

The sea theme doesn't appeal to you


Exposed timber floorboards, terracotta- or ceramic-tiled floors.

Fresh colours or earthy muted colour schemes, slatted window shutters.

Chunky wood furniture mixed with wrought-iron pieces such as bedheads or open shelving, rush seating for chairs.

Earthenware on display on chests or dressers, handmade embroidery and lace for cushions or pillow covers.


Choose Mediterranean Interior Styles ONLY IF

You like the Cottage Country informality but florals and too much clutter don't appeal

You live / work in an older property which may have well natural lit spaces

The idea of a permanent holiday atmosphere appeals a lot

NEVER Choose Mediterranean Style IF

You live in a property which doesn't benefit of good natural light

You simply don't like chunky pine furniture or wrought iron around house or whatever space

You think 'pretty'


Vibrant colour schemes in jewel shades set up against terracotta and brilliant white, boldly coloured fabrics, brassware, rusted wrought-iron screens or window shutters, ornate dark wood.

Tiles for flooring or natural floorcoverings, wall hangings.

Scented candles.

Choose Ethnic Interior Styles ONLY IF

You gathered too many possessions from your different world travels, being inspired by different cultures

The idea of a permanent holiday mood within your space as well of the exotic itself appeals a lot to you

You want a lived-in space with plenty of colour and diversity

You like bold, strong colours


NEVER Choose Ethnic Styles IF

You are a disciplined person, preferring a regimented, streamlined, minimalist look, a coordinated scheme with no mix of objects or decoration

You prefer a calm, pared-back environment


Walls in white matt emulsion, bare brick or, for the ultimate urban feel. polished concrete.

Reclaimed floorboards with a light clear varnish or wood, boldly coloured.

State-of-the-art appliances, ultra-modern light wood furniture on castors for flexibility, open storage, room dividers.


Choose Contemporary / Loft Interior Style ONLY IF

You live in a modern apartment or house, are attracted to cutting-edge furniture design and want streamlined appliances, preferring a clutterless environment

You like the idea of open-plan living, light and airy spaces, being attracted to the minimalist style

NEVER Choose Contemporary / Loft Style IF

You are not too keen on the streamlined look of the minimalistic approach

You prefer cosiness, having also a secluded space for your own

You may like quirky, car boot or junk-shop findings


Low-level furniture, such as futon beds and floor cushions, reflecting Japanese and Chinese preferences for seating and sleeping close to floor, simple and unfussy.

Cubed shaped sofas and armchairs, with tight backs rather than loose scatter cushions, for a streamlined effect.

Dark woods, light walls and floors, minimalist window treatments, accessories kept to a minimum.

Choose Oriental Interior Style ONLY IF

You are attracted to simple, light, airy, no clutter room schemes but you don't take the minimalism to the extreme

You may like a specific design theme


NEVER Choose Oriental Interior Style IF

You like cosiness, flexibility for changing or updating the space, and haven't got a big family with many children

You own period furniture you definitely want to keep and make the most of it


Light coloured painted walls, pale wood, white or pale furniture.

Timber, laminate or white-painted floorboards; streamlined, simple window treatments to let in maximum light.

A limited colour palette of white, off-white, greys, duck-egg blues, bright lighting.

Open-plan living.


Choose Scandinavian Interior Style ONLY IF

You live in a property where natural light is at a premium and you'd like to add some light and brightness into it

You like light tones whether furniture and soft furnishings, elegance within a family-friendly environment

You find country cottage style appealing but you are actually more sophisticated and prefer a pared-back look

NEVER Choose Scandinavian Interior Style IF

You find yourself uncomfortable with timber floors

You prefer rich, invigorating colours to create variety throughout the spaces


LScrolled metal furniture in delicate designs, wrought-iron bedsteads, silver, soft gold and bronze, velvet, chenille, silk, and linen in subdued shades, for a rich, understated effect, pelmeted or swagged window treatments.

Careful choice of top quality accessories even if it is a junk shop find, mirrors and crystal to reflect maximum light, candlelight for increasing the sense of luxury.

Choose the French Chic Interior Style ONLY IF

You love romance, elegance, are a sophisticated type

You have a small family and like ornaments and intricated accessories


NEVER Choose French Chic Interior Style IF

YThe room to be re-designed actually belongs to a country cottage building style

You look for diversity within your space, prefer drama through colour and individualism for each room

You want an easy to maintain space as you may have a big family with children

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